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Fans Speak

Melba, thank you. 
I´m Hannele from Finland, a singer too and 30 years you´ve been my  biggest singer idol.  Here in Finland unfortunately, very few people have been exposed to you.  When I first saw your LP sleeve ("This is it") and heard you sing, it was in shock - I immediately knew in my heart that something amazing had happened.  I felt like I had a strange connection with you, and most of all: I felt the Holy Spirit.  Can you imagine!  
It was a very strong feeling which I never have lost. I just knew already then that God is with you. And I felt you´re my "sister" in many ways.  This feeling has never left me during 30 years.  Sometimes I have to cry a little when I think about you, I miss you so much just like I would miss a sister if I had one.
I am also a theatre director, and all I know of your career has been an inspiration to me. Although I may never see you perform live in Finland, I always will feel your spirit from here.  
God bless you Melba, may He guide you in every step you take.
- Hannele kauppinen
Fri, Jun 20 2008
I am wishing each and everyone of you and your family the very best for Thanksgiving. May God bless and protect you always.

- Eric
Finally got a chance to watch the fighting temptations; watched it three times after. Had to give Melba her props, i've beem around awhile (retired mil) and seen a few live performances, very happy to see her face and hear that magnificent voice again. Love to see and hear more?"
- Reggie burke
Melba you were better than ever at your Allentown, PA performance at Mayfair in 2003. Everyone with you was so nice to me and one guy even called me Mr. Steel Pier!!! What an honer. Your co-hosting with Ed Hurst was great in 1977 and your "This Is It" LP is a classic with the Van McCoy tunes "Free" and "Lean On Me".
I also love your disco hit in 1979 "Pick Me Up, I'll Dance" and your Bee Gees cover of "You Stepped Into My Life".  I guess I told you all this in 03. I'm so very happy to know that you are still going strong. I hope you return to the Lehigh Valley again real soon.
Take care and God Bless from the Real Humdinger.
- Steve winger
It's Christmas time and I just pulled your Christmas
CD out today, Merry Christmas!
- Eric Cummings
Mon, Oct 01 2007