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Fans Speak

Melba, I have been a fan of yours for the longest time and I want you to know that I wish you major success in your walk with Christ and I will continue to listen to you inspirationally because GOD has given you a voice and it tells us all to sing. Lots of love.
Fri, Mar 20 2009
R&T Productions and the LGS Players had the pleasure of having Melba Moore in concert on 8/18/07 in Hampton, Va. She was the headliner for the evening and appeared after the gospel play 'Miracle at the Open House Church.' I don't have to tell you that Melba turned it out with her beautiful, compelling, and stunning voice. It was like listening to an 'angel'. We have already been approached to bring Melba back to Virginia to honor us with her one woman play. Melba, please note that your fans in Virginia love you and are behind you 100%.

Teresa Fletcher, CEO
R & T Productions Inc.
- Teresa Fletcher
Dear Melba,
It was an honor to meet you and I am so excited to work with you together on our project for world peace.
God bless you my wonderful friend.
- Wolfgang Hildebrandt
Dear Ms. Moore, you are an incrediable actress and singer and I have been a fan from the start of your broadway career in "Hair" and "Purlie". I came to watch you in "Purlie" a half a dozen times and every time you belted out the song, "Purlie" you gave me goose bumps on my arms and a glow in my soul and I just wanted to thank you for being such a great entertainer. I now live in Florida and I miss the N.Y.C. skyline and Broadway but will never forget your vice and smile in "Purlie".........Sincerly,  Gary
- John gary ostensen
Wed, Jul 29 2009
Just wanted to say that I have been a fan of yours for years, since the 70's.  I recall being a teenager and my mother would play your albums all the time.   I remember some of my favorites during that time were "The Long and Winding Road", "Stay A While With Me", "This Is It" and the original version of "Lean On Me".  So, it was natural for me to continue to love you.  While I was a U.S. service member, your music accompanied me to so many different places, countries, and cultures.  Aahhh, such fond memories.....thank you for continuing to bless us with your voice, your presence and most of all, your spirit.  Looking forward to hearing and seeing more from you! 
- Serena Singleton-Weems
Sat, Mar 20 2010