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Fans Speak

Melba, I saw you in Purlie in 1970 and have never forgotten your splendid voice! I've been humming 'I Got Love' for all these years and hearing you belt it out like no one can. Bless you for your dedication and persistence.  You are truly an unforgettable artist.
- Mary Menendez
Thu, May 12 2011
Hi, this message is meant for Ms. Melba Moore. Ms. Moore, I want you to really know this song. "Love Is" has really touched my heart in so many ways. You know when I think about this song I think about unconditional love that I once longed for until God entered into my life and I began to stop searching for it. I really love the words in the song and you have a beautiful joyous voice.
- Diamond Love
Thu, Jan 20 2011
Melba, thank you. 
I´m Hannele from Finland, a singer too and 30 years you´ve been my  biggest singer idol.  Here in Finland unfortunately, very few people have been exposed to you.  When I first saw your LP sleeve ("This is it") and heard you sing, it was in shock - I immediately knew in my heart that something amazing had happened.  I felt like I had a strange connection with you, and most of all: I felt the Holy Spirit.  Can you imagine!  
It was a very strong feeling which I never have lost. I just knew already then that God is with you. And I felt you´re my "sister" in many ways.  This feeling has never left me during 30 years.  Sometimes I have to cry a little when I think about you, I miss you so much just like I would miss a sister if I had one.
I am also a theatre director, and all I know of your career has been an inspiration to me. Although I may never see you perform live in Finland, I always will feel your spirit from here.  
God bless you Melba, may He guide you in every step you take.
- Hannele kauppinen
Fri, Jun 20 2008
Melba I think you are a legend. I remember you when you and Clifton played together, now both of you are into the Lord. I think that's awesome. I still love your music!
Love ya Melba
- Kimberly harris
Mon, Feb 20 2006
Hay Melba, you are the best !!!! For me !!!!
- Tony Stoker
Sun, Mar 21 2010