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Fans Speak

Melba, I saw you in Purlie in 1970 and have never forgotten your splendid voice! I've been humming 'I Got Love' for all these years and hearing you belt it out like no one can. Bless you for your dedication and persistence.  You are truly an unforgettable artist.
- Mary Menendez
Thu, May 12 2011
Hay Melba, you are the best !!!! For me !!!!
- Tony Stoker
Sun, Mar 21 2010
I am a new member to your fan club and I love to sing, music is my best friend and I love your voice.
Respectfully Yours,
David Goodman from Virginia Beach,VA
- David Goodman
Thu, Dec 02 2010
I have been a fan of Ms. Moore's since I saw the musical Purlie, Victorious, back in 1984 (PBS channel). I am so glad to see that such a dynamic voice is used now to uplift the Word and Name of God.  Your testimony is an inspiration. Please keep the torch lit. I love you and your music
- Chris. Johnson
Fri, Sep 20 2002
Hi Melba, I have been a fan of yours for many years now. You stepped away from the limelight for awhile and left me in the dark for a minute or two .And when you came back, I'm still here. A true M.M. Fan See You in the Music.
- Michael D Jordan