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Fans Speak

Love you Melba!
- Joey gantt
Sat, Jun 27 2009
I have always been inspired by the song "Lean On Me".  This song reaches the very depth of my heart when I think of the people that have believed in me and given their love and support.  This song is passed from me to my children to give them courage and strength through love and support that I will be there for them.  Thank you Melba for your voice and you courage, I will always be a fan and look forward to hearing your amazing gift more in the future. Roxane G.
- Roxane glenn
Sat, Apr 03 2010
Seems like many, many years ago I saw you singing as a guest on the old Mike Douglas TV show . . . Your outrageous high and all over the register vocals just absolutely captivated me . . . I rushed out and bought what I think had to be one of, if not, the first album you did . . . I don't remember the title but i remember your picture . . . your hair was in a "fro" and you were then as you are now . . . BEAUTIFUL!
Be well Ms Moore.

Ray Sheibley X X X
- Ray Sheibley
Ms. Melba,
I wanted to applaud the incredible evening with you held at Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama, on June 19, 2010. The show was fantastic, fun, and full of great music and laughter. We hope to enjoy your ministry again in the near future.
Abundant Blessings!
- LaToya Gillis
Mon, Jun 21 2010
Hi Melba,
I have been a huge fan for many years. I am now 50 years old and I have been a fan as long as I can remember.  As far as I am concerned you never left, I still play the music with you and Kashiff. I know right (smile).  Praise God for all of your accomplishments even the valleys for they helped you to become the person and woman of God you were always meant to be. I love you so much and May God continue to smile upon you, your family, and your career and ministry. Your Sister in Christ  Blessings.....:)
- Cathy gaddy
Fri, Jan 18 2008