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Melba Moore Intro
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Fans Speak

I've loved Melba's music for years. The 1st Broadway Show that I went to see was "Purlie". I was about 13, I believe. I've followed Ms. Moore's career since.
One of my favorite L.P.s was/is PORTRAIT starting with "You Are My River."  I'm praying that this CD will be re-releasd, it's timeless. I've seen Melba perform at Central Park when "This is it" was released. Melba's Magic on stage.
Speaking of the stage, A Night in St. Lucia is excellent, a must see. Melba's sings "Ella". Just wonderful! Melba's voice is heaven sent. I'm looking for Melba's current release, but can't find it. If anyone knows where I can purchase it, please let me know. Thanks!
- Johnny Frazier
Just watched "The Fighting Temptations" for the 3rd time. You are amazing....I saw you in Purlie, you where performing in Chicago...I also talked to you at the Pitt. Congress my dear Miss Moore are amazing and continue to be so. Thank you for all the beautiful music that you have shared with us. Thank you for being Ms. Melba Moore.

Steven A. Sipes
- Steven A. Sipes
Tue, Mar 20 2007
Dear Ms. Moore, when you came to DC 37 and told your story to us I was truly inspired and encouraged by your song. You'll never know in regards to the dreams we have. May God continue to richly bless you and bless all that you put your hands to do In The Name of Jesus!
- Robin S. Morrell
Thu, Nov 20 2003
Dear Melba,

Wow, I can't believe I'm actually writing this. Nonetheless, in 1970 while visiting New York, my father was kind enough to take me to the Ed Sullivan Theater to see you, along with Cleavon Little and Sherman Hemsley in "Purlie". I Got Love that night!!!! I've been a fan ever since. Let's fast forward....and then there were the "Fighting Temptations"!!! You were in rare form and the voice is solid!!! You talent is real but more than that, it is a timeless gift from God. The Tony Award was awesome but I believe that the best is yet to come......Much Love and Best Wishes!!!!!!
- Ernest C. Battle
Last night I saw the legendary Melba Moore at the Rrrazz Room in San Francisco.  I remember her in "Purlie" where I first fell in love with her singing and performance. It was great to see this wonderful entertainer back on the stage.  All of her fans turned out to see her in the new room.
I am writing a regional review of her show for It should be in about one week.
- Richard Connema
Sun, Dec 28 2008