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Fans Speak

Your site is fabulous, just like you!  I look forward to finding another occasion to work together just like the 2009 Golden Mike at the Waldorf.  People still speak about your performance that evening. 
Best regards,
Gordon Hastings
Greenwich, Conneticut
- Gordon Hastings
Mon, Jun 07 2010
Ms. Moore visited the church I belong to today and she really blessed our souls with her awesome voice.
- Michelle Burrows
Sun, Jan 23 2011
Melba Moore,
You are a naturally beautiful person.  I became a fan of yours when I saw you in "Purlie".  I have not seen "Purlie" in years.  "Purile" is my 77 year old mother's favorite play.  I have been searching for years for this video for my mother and I. 
I was a young child when I saw the play and the following statements and thoughts are tattooed to  my mind...when you struggled to get your words out and you kept changing statements and then you said, "Well his heart stop beating didn't it"?  Finally, when someone asked "Get Low how low can you go"?  I ordered the DVD on June 17, 2010 and I can not wait to show it to my mother.  She will be so excited.
On behalf of the Simmons/WIlson family. May God Bless You, we enjoy you and we wish you much success.
Gwen Wilson
Buffalo, NY
- Gwendolyn Wilson
Thu, Jun 24 2010
Ms. Melba, I wanted to let you know your new sound is great. You still have that very nice smooth sound to your voice. May God continue to Bless you with your gift.
- Cc ellis
Fri, Dec 03 2010
Love you Ms. Moore!!!!!
- Damone Williams
Sat, Dec 20 2003