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Fans Speak

I am so very, very happy to listen to your recent music.  I will always cherish listening to you all night long in Irving, NJ and having to go to work in the morning in Newark, NJ.  You are beautiful and gifted and that's why you are still doing it and doing it. 
Love you much.  
Julia McAfee
Houston, TX
- Julia McAfee
Wed, Dec 09 2009
Beautiful Melba! I am so happy to hear that you are still going strong. Like my gran always use to say "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" and she was right. I grew up in the UK and your music was always being played. I still get a chill down my back when I hear your phenomenal voice. Thank God for you!
- Bee Jones
Fri, Jun 19 2009
Saw you on 'Good Day New York' and really really enjoyed your performance, which immediately reminded me of 'Purlie'. One of the best performances I ever saw, but sadly those performances can not be equaled. Take care and God bless.
- Emma Myers
Fri, Feb 25 2011
Ms. Moore:
I have been a fan for many years and was so blessed to see your one-woman presentation in Ft. Washington, MD, several years ago.  You are an incredible singer who has been gifted by God to bless and inspire His Kingom.
Love You.....Jesse G. Williams, Jr
- Jesse Williams
Sun, Dec 20 2009
OMG. I can't wait. I will be coming to your 10:45 PM show on Saturday. My kids usually decide and I am always happy to receive, but this year it was your show only when asked, "What would I like to do for Mother's Day!!!" So far there are 6 of my friends Saturday who knows!!! I'm spreading the love and bringing all of it with me... Love ya' See ya' OMG !!!  Joan
- Joan Adams
Sun, May 01 2011