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Fans Speak

Melba, I'm so glad to see that you have returned as strong as ever! I have been a fan of yours since your days on your TV show with Clifton Davis. Ms Moore you are one of the LEGENDS, there is no question about it...your voice range is awesome!  I have had the pleasure of meeting you in person, you appeared at a night club in Tampa, Fl.  I was not a cluber, but due to the fact that you were appearing there, I went...I was not disappointed.  I also saw you on the Monique show and I was so glad to see you looking so well...God is good and he is truly giving you everything that you deserve and more, welcome back. 
Much Love and many Blessings!
- Rosalind Harris
Sat, Mar 06 2010
Dear Melba Moore,

I have to say it was a pleasure meeting you and a joy to have you as a guest on my show "First Cut", people are still talking about it. In fact one of the authors mentioned tonight how much of a fan they are and thought the interview was great!  Many people enjoy your talents but I know I'm blessed to have gotten a chance to know a part of you. You are indeed a remarkable individual with staying power! Your vocal range is mesmerizing and you can quote me!

Your Fan,
Nicole M. Stevenson
Radio Host First Cut
airs every Monday at 7pm est
- Nicole M. Stevenson
Happy Birthday Melba!

We love you here in Oakland, CA. I wish I was coming to the party there in NY. You look great with the new photo with the hat. :)
- Eric Cummings
Ms. Moore blessed the Strait Gate Church of Westchester on October 31st with the tremendous gift of voice and spirit. Her story is incredible testimony to the Goodness of God.
Welcome back Melba and I for one am glad that You are STILL here!

Tanya Thomas
New Rochelle
- Tanya Thomas
Mon, Oct 01 2007
Ms. Melba,
I wanted to applaud the incredible evening with you held at Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama, on June 19, 2010. The show was fantastic, fun, and full of great music and laughter. We hope to enjoy your ministry again in the near future.
Abundant Blessings!
- LaToya Gillis
Mon, Jun 21 2010