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Fans Speak

I am new to your website and have been a fan for a long time, I listen to your music here at work, and am glad to be a member, keep up the good work and music....
- Larry barnett
Thu, Dec 16 2010
Just watched "The Fighting Temptations" for the 3rd time. You are amazing....I saw you in Purlie, you where performing in Chicago...I also talked to you at the Pitt. Congress my dear Miss Moore are amazing and continue to be so. Thank you for all the beautiful music that you have shared with us. Thank you for being Ms. Melba Moore.

Steven A. Sipes
- Steven A. Sipes
Tue, Mar 20 2007
I send courage, and abundant love on this new journey of yours, that you are embarking on. All deep wounds are healed through faith and passion.
- A. W.
I'm just crazy for your music, been listening to you since 1973 in musical theater class, grew up in Pennsylvania, "Purlie", and then I was a disco kid, and I even have a video clip  of you on a Bing Crosby Christmas special.
You are to my generation, the Lena Horne. How bout some standards, even Queen Latifah did it, You have soooo Much talent. I still listen to Candi Staton too, and always wished she would have given us a few more dance tunes. I love spirituals too, and I'm white to the bone. How about "I want to live with God", Or day is dying in the west"? Sister Act II was so awesome for goosebumps, and so are you, so let's Hear you sing Out!

Hallelujah, and Praise the Lord!

Lots of love,
- Donny Marcellus
une des plus belle divas du soul funk de mon enfance longue vie a toi bon funk :)*
paulo from france
- Placo paulo
Mon, Nov 23 2009