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Fans Speak

I just wanted to let you know that I really needed that spiritual presence you brought with you when you visited our church, FABC down in New Orleans on December 6, 2004. That particular day I had a lot on my mind and your unexpected presence was such a treat. Thank you for that and may the Lord keep on blessing you and me. Kana
- Alkana parker
Mon, Oct 01 2007
I have been a fan of Ms. Moore's since I saw the musical Purlie, Victorious, back in 1984 (PBS channel). I am so glad to see that such a dynamic voice is used now to uplift the Word and Name of God.  Your testimony is an inspiration. Please keep the torch lit. I love you and your music
- Chris. Johnson
Fri, Sep 20 2002
Melba keeps taking everyones breath away. In Jamaica, of the West Indies, we call her CHANDELIER. I call her THE LADY WITH THE LONGEST VOICE. I really, really, really have got to meet this lady. Please let it happen Melba!!!
Sat, Nov 20 2004
Ms. Moore, I'm probably one of your newest fans. Let me begin by saying what an AMAZING talent you are. I'm currently listening to your "older" stuff (Free, Lean on me, Playboy Scout) and I'm in a state of "WOW." It's hard to title these tracks as "older" since their sound and your voice are timeless. While listening to your music...I had to find out more about you, so I googled your name and was excited to read about your MANY accomplishments. This is truly something to be proud of. Your talent has transcended and transformed many.

Have you thought of coming to San Francisco? The Empire Plush Room at the York Hotel has a great cabaret space for you, possibly your one woman show.

- Pedro Arista
Thu, Sep 20 2001
Dear Ms. Moore, you are an incrediable actress and singer and I have been a fan from the start of your broadway career in "Hair" and "Purlie". I came to watch you in "Purlie" a half a dozen times and every time you belted out the song, "Purlie" you gave me goose bumps on my arms and a glow in my soul and I just wanted to thank you for being such a great entertainer. I now live in Florida and I miss the N.Y.C. skyline and Broadway but will never forget your vice and smile in "Purlie".........Sincerly,  Gary
- John gary ostensen
Wed, Jul 29 2009